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The program and timetable are now on line - there will be a few additions when you get on site.

Stone the Crows Festival is a unique event designed specifically for grey nomads. It doesn't matter what sort of recreational vehicle you travel in, whether it's a caravan or a motorhome, a fifth wheeler or a camper trailer, a campervan or a tent - everyone is welcome at the fourth annual Stone the Crows Festival. There are old friends to catch up with and new friends waiting to be made.

The 2017 Festival will start on Tuesday April 11 and finish up with a gala night on Monday April 17 - and you will head off for a continuation of your journey or home on April 18. You can book for the full seven days or just the four days of Easter.

Our program for next year includes our games, Crafty Crows, Daddy Day Care and confirmed entertainers. There is ukulele and guitar tuition, bush poetry, seminars, talks, and more - check out the What's On link for full details - it's a page full of information.

There are still a few items in the planning, so watch our Crow Chronicle newsletter for more. You can subscribe to our email news update by sending us an email.

Stone the crows grounds
Stone the Crows ACTA Site
The view from the front gate
Inside the grounds

So you are invited, once again, to join in something rather wonderful and different. There are plenty of events for RV owners to attend, some have grown to include you, others are held at different places and at different times - but - Stone the Crows Festival is the only event which was initially designed for the over 50's and which is held in the same place at the same time every year ....... Wagga Wagga - Every Easter.

Many RV'ers travel with four legged friends - this is a pet friendly event - provided your four legged mate is accompanied by a well behaved human, who observes polite protocols that dog owners understand.

Grey Nomads don't have to be on the road full time, they don't even have to be grey, they just have to be of that age group commonly referred to as "Grey Nomads". We have set the criteria as someone who is at least half a century old - we may as well be proud of achieving that milestone! Probably if our children saw some of the things we get up to, we might be referred to as recycled teenagers. We are all young at heart even though our bodies are saying we are getting older.

The site at sunset
Nikki and Diesel
Sunset over the gathering of the flock
Pet Friendly - we want to meet more of our friends
Music Cawner
Music Cawner
Ukulele and Keyboard Tuition in the Music Cawner
Disc Bowls and Ladder Golf - just two of our Games
Crafty crows
Daddy Day Care
Crafty Crows
Daddy Day Care woodwork
Open Day
Top class entertainers like Darren Carr who co-opted Brent
Open day markets and entertainment
This is just a selection of last year's photos - for more see The Fun of previous Festivals

To all our past attendees - thank you for your support and enthusiasm - and to our Volunteer Crows, it wouldn't happen without you. This extended friendship has created several days of fun and camaraderie. This distinctive difference resulted in our young Festival being presented with a Bronze Plaque at the 2014 New South Wales Inland Tourism Awards, a third to the Canowindra Balloon Festival and Tamworth Country Music Festival is no mean feat when you consider those events have been established for over 20 and 40 years respectively.

The Chief Crows and their team look forward to seeing many faces from last year and introducing new attendees to the fun and friendship of other Grey Nomads. Please explore our website.

See you in Wagga Wagga - Every Easter!

We look forward to making the 2017 Stone the Crows Festival continue its camaraderie and fun!

Stone the crows grounds
Stone the Crows ACTA Site
Our Crow for Stoning
Ready - set - throw


Powered sites are already fully booked - any applications for power are now on waiting list for cancellations
Loyalty or group discounts are only applicable for the full Festival
Unpowered sites available in all areas - sites are only confirmed when full payment is received.

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