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Here is part 2 - Daddy Day Care

Yes it’s back this year.  The boys reckon they can't let the Crafty Crows have all the fun! Girls can come if they can manage the guys!  Don’t underestimate your skills ladies, you too are very capable.

Once again there are a choice of activities – as always thanks to the multiple volunteers who have offered their expertise, especially the newbies who were inspired to come forward. In all cases no woodworking skills are required due to the number of tutors
  • Eric’s classes on whip making sold out last year, so he’s back again to teach you this ageless craft.           
  • There are selections of keepsake boxes – the Paradise Box can be engraved or plain timber with a choice of adornments or the Moon box that could hold little jewellery bits. Ideal gifts for gifts so make a few.
  • The birds will love their new feeding house, plenty of room for all sizes from parrots to sparrows!  Great beginners project.
  • Scale Model cars are back with a few new variations
  • For Ukulele devotees, there is a happy hour tray in the form of a small ukulele called the Cr-uke.
  • 3D printing demonstration with samples of work done by Chris and John           
  • Viv’s wood carving sculptures could see you create a beautiful sea creature – whale, dolphin, sea lion or stingray – on a wooden base. If that doesn’t appeal, she will also be teaching pyrography.
  • Leo will help you create a marquetry mini-masterpiece most afternoons when he finishes with his poetry commitments.

Bookings essential for whipmaking, wood carving and marquetry

If you wish to book for any specific class - please email and make sure you use Daddy Day Care Booking as the subject of your email. These will be forwarded to the tutors and they can make more specific arrangements with you, in case you need to bring items with you (other than your glasses).

In all cases limited numbers of kits are available, you can select from 2.30 pm on Friday March 30 at the Daddy Day Care Marquee. The Daddy Day Care team will ensure that your project gets finished, no matter your skill level; they are there to help.  Extra kits can be purchased at the marquee.
Daddy Day Care is open from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  See you there!

There will be more frequent editions of the Crow Chronicle as time counts down to our start date.
Travel safely till we come to our nesting grounds 
Chrissy, Jim, Grant and all the team who make it happen


These are some of the projects Viv will be bringing for stone the crows.   Wood may vary swell as bases. finished sculpture approx 30cm high timber form will be pre-cut on bandsaw where the profile of the piece  can be carved by Demel tools provided by flock members. All materials wood, finishes glues stains will be provided in kit.
Bird Feeder
Bird Feeder
Example of marquetry - class subjects will depend on experience of students
Pyrography is the art of burning a design into wood - various articles available
Whip making classes FULLY PRE-BOOKED
Paradise and Moon Boxes - either engraved or plain
Little cars
The Cr-Uke is a mini ukulele just perfect for lollies,
happy hour or merely decoration.
Scale model cars

If you pre-book before March 30, on arrival day you must go to the Daddy Day CareMarquee
between 2.30 pm and 4 pm to pay for and collect your kit

Your booking is only confirmed when the kit is paid for.



Powered sites are already fully booked - any applications for power are now on waiting list for cancellations
Loyalty or group discounts are only applicable for the full Festival
Unpowered sites available in all areas - sites are only confirmed when full payment is received.

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The theme for photography and original poem gReyVee Awards this year is "Old Buildings"
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