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Welcome to the second edition of the Crow Chronicle - your email update for the 2018 Stone the Crows Festival.

It has been an exciting time checking out the new convention centre being built on the ACTA Grounds at CrowLand (also known as Wagga Wagga).

Artists impression

Architects impression of the entrance

With a fantastic auditorium seating up to 1200 people, commercial kitchen and bar, dining facilities, lots more toilets, beautiful foyer, offices and storerooms, this addition will certainly add a real comfort factor to our flock. Check out the padded chairs for the auditorium/restaurant area, most people won't need to bring cushions. If you are a person who loves fabrics and colours, then you are sure to love the colour scheme. This will be our new CROW CENTRAL as it is expected to be completely finished in February, including landscaping. Let's hope the weather gods are kind to the workers.


Plenty of reinforcing and pipes


The big cement slabs lay on
the future concrete carpark


The first of the walls starts its erection


That's a tall crane!


The second wall starts to be positioned


People look tiny in comparison


A section of walls supported in place with the
concrete slab being poured through the doorways



What comfort for old derrieres


Beautiful tonings for carpets, timber, tiles and accessories

Now we need to redraw the site plan as this massive building takes up the footprint of 74 of our sites. There are a few options being considered but hopefully Jean and I will sort out the best configuration in the next couple of weeks. Then there's the job of working out where which groups are best sited for power or unpowered plus varying lengths, restricted mobility sites, people who want to be completely in the sun, those who need to be near toilets and more. If you paid a deposit on your site, it would help enormously if you could arrange for the balance of payment by the end of December at the latest so we can finalise the sites.

The eastern dump point is being relocated nearer the big garbage bins, as are the few containers. There are three large concrete carparks (16x24, 10x50 and 24x50 metres) nearby the convention centre.

During the time in CrowLand, we had the chance to talk to one of sponsors .......Wagga Caravan Centre who are the sponsors of the Australian Disc Bowls Championships, not only to confirm their continuing participation but also to add a couple of new items ...... drum roll........ a caravan backing competition ....... plus the opportunity to weigh your motorhome or caravan in a totally non-threating way. Thanks to Mark and Jack for their vision.

Plus discussions with the new lessee of the dining facility - Nathan will be joining our food vendors. Ed's Tuckerbox is coming back, as are our coffee vendors and the Lions Club. And there are a few more options being sorted of which we will keep you advised in due course.

Jim took the opportunity to launch his Great Australian Scams, Cons and Rorts book at the Museum of the Riverina as one of the major stories relates to a Wagga Wagga butcher who claimed to be a member of the British nobility. You can check this out on his website.

Once the sites are allocated and Squawkers' Permits are sent out, the next job is to sort out (very kindly) our wonderful volunteers. Thanks to those who have put up their hands already for some new activities, crafty crows and Daddy Day care sessions. Don't hesitate to email me if you would like to be part of our mad but fun team.

That's about enough for now, except to say we are already working on another fantastic lineup for 2019 so that you will know the entertainment program and have the choice of booking next Easter for 2019. Might sound a bit far ahead but we already have eight people wanting to book sites as they can't come in 2018. Booking forms will be in your information bags and on the website for those who can't be on site next year. More on that later.

Take care and we look forward to continuing the fantastic event we all enjoy ..... Stone the Crows Festival.

Chrissy, Jim and Grant and the whole team who make it all happen.





Powered sites are already fully booked - any applications for power are now on waiting list for cancellations
Loyalty or group discounts are only applicable for the full Festival
Unpowered sites available in all areas - sites are only confirmed when full payment is received.

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