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Happy New Year

Happy New Year (in advance) to our all flock. We really hope it brings you health and happiness, good friendships and a continuation of fun at Stone the Crows once again.

It's getting down to the serious end of the planning cycle. So, especially for our fledgings (those who are coming for the first time) we need to outline a few necessities.

a. Site allocation is currently taking place and very shortly you will receive your Squawker's Permit which is your entry ticket to the grounds. You will be given a site number, requested to arrive in a certain time frame (we have a staggered arrival to alleviate congestion on local roads) and one of two gates will be nominated for you to use.   For example, your site number might be 123, the arrival time between 9 and 9.30 am and the Tasman Road gate is your point of entry.  OR your site number might be 426, the arrival time between 11 am and 11.30 am and you come in the Copland Street gate. Please ensure you arrive during that designated time slot or you will be placed in a holding area until the siting team can attend to those who arrive at the correct time.

There will be a mud map on your Permit to give you an indication of the location. Watch out for the banners and flag posts on your nominated road. There will also be corflute directional signs around the town but we are limited as to the number we can put up by local regulations.


Site Map 2017
Site Map


This was the 2017 map (at the top) and the changed areas for 2018 are highlighted in yellow.

Our Meet and Greet team will help orientate you and give you the new site map on arrival at the gate. Once sited, please proceed to the Club House to register as being on site, receive your name badge (which is your entry to all activities and entertainment and MUST be worn at all times) and your program and information pack.

b.  Groups are being sited in as close proximity as possible BUT if some have nominated for 7 days and another person in your group as only nominated for 4 days, the 4 day person can't be sited with the 7 day group. All 4 day attendees are together in one area. Don't worry you will soon catch up with your mates around the grounds, most of the time you will only go back to your van to sleep there is so much to do.

Charging c.  Waiting list of powered sites - so far no available cancellations.

If you have a CPAP machine and need to charge it, or a phone or other electronic device, there will be power points available in the office where you can leave the item and return to collect it at a later time.

This facility will be available from 10 am to 4 pm daily.

If you need to charge a mobility scooter, there will be designated external power points for that too.
d. Pre-bookings and prepayments for Craft and Daddy Day Care activities will be available on line in February. On site bookings for both these activities will be available from 2.30 pm on arrival day.
Disc Bowls e. We are delighted to confirm that Disc Bowls International will be the sole supplier of our disc bowls equipment for both the social and Australian Disc Bowls Championships.

All sets will be available for sale at the conclusion of play. You can pre-order your set before the Festival starts or pay and order at our Merchandise Desk during the Festival. Cost is $135 for full set.
ACTA Thanks to Tony Turner and ACTA, our friendly Dave Coleman will again be conducting classes in clay target shooting. Last time we had 69 participants.  This event is fully licensed and insurance covered by ACTA. Dave will be on site on Tuesday April 3 to fill in the legal paperwork and issue the temporary licences. The actual shooting will take place on Wednesday April 4. 

Whether you are a total novice, a regular shooter or "used to do it years ago", this is your opportunity to have a go with an expert in a controlled and safe environment.


That's about it for this time people - have a wonderful 2018 and you'll be getting more regular updates now that everything is getting into countdown mode. If you are one of the 7 people who paid a deposit and haven't paid the balance, it would be really appreciated if you could confirm your site by paying asap as the site allocations are nearly done.

Oh forgot one thing - we have about 30 sites only left available so if you or friends are still thinking of coming we suggest you get your booking in soon. The grounds have limited capacity and once all sites are gone it will be waiting for a cancellation or stay off site and come in as a day visitor for either 4 or 7 days.

Till next time - take care and thanks for your ongoing interest and support
Chrissy, Jim, Grant and the team who make it all happen


Powered sites are already fully booked - any applications for power are now on waiting list for cancellations
Loyalty or group discounts are only applicable for the full Festival
Unpowered sites available in all areas - sites are only confirmed when full payment is received.

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