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Daddy's Day Care

Daddy Day Care has become an integral part of our Crow activities, along with the Crafty Crows. Both are open to either male or female participants, but we have found an amazing number of ladies doing woodwork.

The boys (and girls) are planning some different projects, including a couple of projects ideally suited to young grandchildren, different boxes as well as the most popular boxes from this year, and a few surprises which are still in the design stage.

One highlight will be a joint venture with the Crafty Crows - Crafty Crow Leader Heather Drury offered to design a crazy patchwork stool to be patched and embroidered if the boys would create the footstool timber section with engraving and turned legs. Would be great in any lounge or bed room.

This is one of the things that makes our Crow Assistants and the Festival as a whole so different - the ideas come and then we work out how they can be incorporated and who can do what. So don't be afraid to put your thinking cap on. The nice girl from Head Office has a few other ideas but is yet to outline to the woodwork boys what could be another joint Craft-Woodwork project, and one to involve photography with wood. Proof of concept samples need to be done first!

Does that make it enticing for next year? Keep watching for updates as the project samples are developed.

Our Whip Maker Eric will be doing classes in 2018. His classes this quickly booked out quickly, so we hope to have some extra assistance so more attendees can create their own whip.

Viv did some magic pyography and wood carving and will be sharing her skills again in 2018.

Cheryl was the scroll saw whizz and Bevan and David shared turning skills.

Whatever your choice, you will certainly get a lot of enjoyment from these activities.

If you want to reserve a particular model when the photos are available, please email with your name and selection so it can be put aside for you.

Did you know???
Female Crows mate for life, but males will cheat. Male crows have no penis. Their sperm is transferred from their cloaca to the female cloaca and copulation only lasts 15 seconds. It's a wonder the females are so loyal!

Girls - you may seek permission to come and make woodwork items too if you're so inclined - just as the guys can be a Crafty Crow student.



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