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The gReyVee Awards


Everyone knows that with age comes experience and that experience is showcased, once again, in our gReyVee Awards. Entry numbers continue to increase annually and that augers well for the next Festival.

The 2017 categories for the gReyVee awards have been augmented to showcase even more talents and skills.

Poetry * Best Serious Bush Poet Performance Best humorous Bush Poet Performance
Entertainment * Best Instrumental Talent Best Vocal Talent
Best Group Talent Best Ukulele Talent
Games * Disc Bowls Petanque
Ladder Golf the Australian Disc Bowls Championships
and of course........ Stoning the Crows
* For on site attendees only*

Other events - Open to anyone over 50 years young - you don't have to be at the Festival.

Entries may be posted in or handed in on site.

can be in one section or a combination in both sections. The organising committee will reject anything over six in total per person.
A4 sized colour print 6" x 4" colour print
Poetry** Original poem - 32 lines
Textiles Quilted or embroidered article Heather Drury Memorial Award
Knitted or crocheted article
The following items will be donated to our Charity recipients - Can Assist Wagga Wagga
Knitting and Crochet Knitted or crocheted rug (minimum size 1 m square - maximum size 1.5 m square)
Knitted or crocheted beanie
Sewing/knitting/crochet Headware for chemo patients - turban, hat, scarf, sleep hat.
The aim is to give comfort and confidence when hair loss occurs.
Any yarn, any fabric, any design you choose.
Sewing Tote Bag (suitable as oncology bag to hold X-rays, scripts, purse, glasses etc)
Any style, any fabric, any embellishments
Something to make someone feel special.

You can enter as many or as few events as you wish - or even none at all. The most important aspect is that you enjoy the Festival and interaction with other Grey Nomads.

Entry forms for external events can be downloaded here in two formats -
or PDF

For the Poetry, Entertainment and Games categories, you just book in at the Crows Nest Info Desk when you are on site. Full details will be in your program.


Leo one of the successful bush poets
(as well as our marquetry tutor)
Powered sites are already fully booked - any applications for power are now on waiting list for cancellations
Loyalty or group discounts are only applicable for the full Festival
Unpowered sites available in all areas - sites are only confirmed when full payment is received.

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The theme for photography and original poem gReyVee Awards this year is "Old Buildings"
Click below for entry form for photography or poetry as well as Heather Drury Textiles Award
Word Document - pdf format

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