Stone the  Crows




Easter 2013 (March 28 to April 2) at Camp Kurrajong Scout Camp, Wagga Wagga NSW

Remember you don't have to be on site to enter the inaugural gReyVee Awards

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You are invited to the inaugural "Stone the Crows Festival" event designed specifically for Grey Nomads, no matter form of vehicle you choose to use in your travels around Australia.

Here is your opportunity to join in something quite unique - whether you have a caravan or motorhome, camper trailer or fifth wheeler.

Grey Nomads don't have to be on the road full time, they don't even have to be grey, they just have to be of that age group commonly referred to as "Grey Nomads". We have set the criteria as someone who is at least half a century old - we may as well be proud of achieving that milestone! Probably if our children saw some of the things we get up to, we might be referred to as recycled teenagers. We are all young at heart even though our bodies are saying we are getting older.

Grey Nomads Approaching

It's a celebration of getting old enough to be regarded as a Grey Nomad -
so what could be more Aussie than Stone the Bloody Crows!

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